Thursday, January 3, 2008

2008 Budget Challenge

Crystal at Money Saving Mom has issued the 2008 Financial Challenge! And I'm in. This will be a multi-step process from what I can tell. First we're going to work on budgeting.

As a ministry family our income is a bit modest for a family of seven. But believe you me, it's worlds better than where we were four years ago! So no complaining here.

But we do have a few challenges. On my husband's income alone we have about $100 leeway every two weeks. I earn a small salary as his office assistant and I sell hand made soaps. These two things are what gets us from week to week, all those unexpected expenses.

For being unexpected, they sure do come up regularly!! Budgeting for three teenagers, now there's a topic!

Anywhoo, yes we do have a budget. Basicly a list of bills and when they're due. Budget-wise my goal for 2008 is to see us pare down where we can, see if I can earn a bit more, and see if we can get some emergency savings.

God's provision is good. He's not failed us yet. But I think my stomach acid would calm down if we could have some savings...

So go check Crystal's blog out and join the challenge! Let's make 2008 a financially great year!

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