Monday, January 21, 2008

Davey Crockett Crochet Jacket & Hat

After a year and a half, I finally finished it. I think I originally started this in August of '06.

I'm great at starting projects. Not so great at finishing them.

After much reminding from my little guy, I finished this Davey Crockett ensemble right before Christmas and put it under the tree.

He barely can get it on, to my shame. But he loves it anyway. For the week after Christmas he rarely took the sweater off.

I crocheted the sweater in a terry yarn rather than the suggested suede. After finishing, I sewed on suede fringe.

The hat is crocheted out of a furry, mohair look yarn. The key is to choose something that looks like a dead animal. he he

The hat has a raccoon tail, of course! Crocheted in stripes.

This ensemble is just TOO cute! Hopefully I'll find a little boy to share this with once Jodan let's go of it.

Today he wore his Davey Crockett sweater to school. I snapped his picture early this morning. Doesn't he look proud?

This pattern comes from the book: Crochet for Kids: Sweaters for Infants, Girls, and Boys. I highly recommend this book for anyone who crochets. The patterns are wonderful.

Frankly, I usually don't like crochet for wearables. I much prefer the look of knitting. But this book offers crochet wearables that even pass my snooty test.

If you crochet, you should give it a look!

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