Monday, January 7, 2008

Frugal Alternatives for Day Planners

It's that time of year. I'm ready to shell out money for the coolest looking planner on the market. Those pink covers with brown polka-dots might hold the answer to my organizational woes!

This temptation besets me every New Year. Finally, I've grown more discerning. There are three facts I know about myself and about Day Planners. I now extended grace to my psyche and admit these facts...without guilt.
  1. I am visual, so visual that I think a pretty calendar will instantly transform me. Memo to self: a pink cover with brown polka dots won't keep my sink clear of dirty dishes.

  2. I am fickle, so fickle that in a month I will be bored of the calendar. But, empty planner pages will not conquer my Mt. Laundry.

  3. I struggle with inner voices of guilt. In a month that expensive, pink and brown polka dotted calendar will scream failure.

So, what do I do with this urge for a Day Planner? And the desire to get organized...again.

Well, I plan to make use of it before it flits away. I am going to try to get organized. I do plan to use some type of planner. But I am committed to make my planner simple, small, and free.

In a month or so, I will give myself any needed grace if the little planner is collecting dust. Life is too short for guilt. Period.

If you're like me, then you may enjoy these links. Each will take you to a site that has some type of free, printable calendar or planner.

Warning: some of these options are very detailed. Be kind to yourself. Keep it simple.

Weekly Planner and To Do Lists
DIY Planner
Household Notebook
Homeschool & Organizer Planner (most of these pages are not specifically homeschool)
Kristen's Guide Calendars & Planners (scroll down past the ads)

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