Saturday, January 26, 2008

God's Love and Baby Showers

Here we are. 17 sisters in Christ, all alumni of the Walk to Emmaus retreat, showing Agape love to Crissy and her baby on the way.

That picture is the culmination of a strange kind of day. One where God amazed me with small things.

God did nothing huge and flashy today. But his intimate involvement in even the smallest details reminded me of His deep love.

How so?
  • A hair cut. I haven't had one in 6 months. But everything worked out and today I got my long awaited hair cut.
  • Ginny's gift for the shower. I had no clue how I was going to get it. She "happened" to run into Brian at the store and gave him her gift right then and there!
  • Confusion about meeting place and time for the carpool. I gave up and was headed to the car to go home, so disappointed. And at that last second in came my ride.
  • Debbie, my ride, immediately included my daughter and set her up with a movie in the car. I hadn't even thought of taking Else Annah. But she made the day complete.
  • Such blessed conversation on the way.
  • A reunion with Walk to Emmaus friends at the shower. Food for my soul!
  • The light on Crissy's face when we walked in. Some of us travelled quite a bit to get there. Worth every mile!

Even in the one negative, the 1/2 hour wait for my ride, I realized how much I'd looked forward to today. The last second "rescue" helped me value all that God had done to give me this day.

Sometimes...a lot of the time...I focus on one really big prayer request. I pray, I beg, I plead. I hold up my empty bowl and wonder why He isn't filling it.

When all the time He's been trying to show me His love with a bushel full of small things.

Thank you, Father, for taking my focus off my pitiful, little, empty bowl and for helping me to see the overflowing bushel right beside me.

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