Monday, January 28, 2008

My Son, The Wizard of Oz, and High School Try-Outs

Starting today, my oldest starts a week long flurry of try-outs for the "Wizard of Oz". This is the crowning moment for the drama department, their yearly musical. In the world of this little rural high school, these try-outs are huge.

Josiah has loved the "Wizard of Oz" since he was two years old. He watched it repetitively and had most of the lines memorized by the time he could talk in full sentences.

In grade school, Josiah played a munchkin for a similar high school production. He was one of the beefy lolly-pop guild. He had the striped socks till Junior High.

And now my son wants to play the Cowardly Lion. There are three boys vying for the part. Conventional wisdom at school is that Josiah will not get it.

But Josiah practiced his heart out this weekend. While telling himself he probably wouldn't get it, it was clear that he wanted the part even more.

So I pray for this oldest of mine, that he has peace and fun this week. That his interactions are full of grace. That he learns whatever life lesson God has for him...

And that he wins the part of the Cowardly Lion.

I am his mother, after all.

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