Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Out Wit, Out Play, Out Last - Wizard of Oz Style

Forget Micronesia. Jeff Probst and CBS cameras should head to our high school.'ll find it all in the drama department.

Teachers are lurking outside the drama doors trying to catch a glimpse. Teachers are leaving notes in the drama instructor's mailbox for inside information. TEACHERS are asking their students which way the prevailing winds are blowing.

And that's nothing to the electricity and paranoia circling among the students. Each class of the day is consumed with the latest gossip on who has tried out for whom. How their try-out went. And the conventional wisdom for who is getting what part. Loyalties are shifting like quicksand.

Very little instruction or learning is going on at this school this week. Unless you count it as prep-school for Survivor 17.

In case you're interested, Josiah thinks his stock has risen. He learns tomorrow if he has callbacks on Saturday. On Monday we'll pick up the pieces or wildly celebrate.

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