Sunday, December 30, 2007

I Can Fly

The name of my blog comes from a Little Golden Book of the same title, written by Ruth Krauss sometime in the 1960s. My blog theme is based on the illustrations from this little picture book, illustrated by Mary Blair.

I just love the chunky little legs and arms Mary gave that dark haired girl. And Ruth Krauss gave her wonderful spunk and confidence.

When I grow up I want to be this little girl. I've already got the chunky arms and legs. Alas my hair never was that dark and now it's turning gray. But, no worries! L'Oreal Preference can rectify that.

But that little-dark-haired-girl's big attitude doesn't come from any bottle. She seems to find joy in every circumstance. She views life with the confidence and joy that only someone four years old could do.

Like I said...I want to grow up to be her.

Let's just enjoy her together. Storytime!

Original text in black, my useless comments in blue.

I Can Fly

by Ruth Krauss

A bird can fly.

So can I.
Wings?...pshaw...just stand on a swing!

A Cow can moo.

I can too.
so what if I'm not worship team material...I can join the cow choir!

I can squirm

like a worm.
handy skill for getting through the masses during hand-shaking time so I can get to the bathroom...also good as a morning stretch.

I can grab

like a crab.
ahhh, to take that leap of faith from one ring to the other and not...let...go. Only God and four year olds.

Crunch crunch crunch

I'm a goat out to lunch.
who knew that I could pretend to be a GOAT while I ate celery! Possibly if I eat the stuff for the SOUND rather than the taste, I just might not have to throw out bags of celery slime once a month...

Who's busy like a bee?

Me me me.
Guilty. But the wrong kind of busy. I want to be like this little girl. Busy at the fun of life...busy like the bee touring the flowers.

Who can walk like a bug?

Me! Ug ug.
Not in about twenty years. What's the key here? Should I do Leslie Sansone while watching Spidey?

I'm merrier

than a terrier.
Yes, yes, yes. Help me Lord! I want to have those sparkly eyes and that laugh! Where did it go?


I'm a fish.
Gotta work on this one too. Haven't been a swimmer since they fished me out of the pool at ten or twelve years old. Adult swimming lessons.... do they make floaties for plus size women?

Pick pick pick

I'm a little chick.
Another project...get over my bird phobia. After being flogged by every duck, turkey, goose and zoo peacock that ever met me, I'm emotionally scarred.

Who can live in a hole?

Me! Like a mole.
Philippians 4:11 in a children's story book! Bravo Ruth Krauss! Sometimes we ministry wives have to live in mole holes...

Who can climb anywhere?

Me! Like a bear.
Like on top of chairs while 7 months pregnant while the only adult in children's church with ten or so children... can't remember why though.

My house is

like a mouse's.
Thankfully, mine is not. With five kids this big house is a gift from God. When it needs cleaned, that's another story!

A clam

is what I am.
Vacation on the beach. Bake in the sand. No one knows who I am. Now that is fun!!

Pop pop pop

I'm a rabbit with a hop.
Energy. Gotta get some.

Bump bump bump

I'm a camel with a hump.
It's a little early for osteo, but she does remind me that I need to take a calcium supplement!

Haw haw haw

I'm a donkey in the straw.
Laughter is ALWAYS good medicine.

Pitter pitter pat

I can walk like a cat.
Mothers learn this skill during their first child's naptime. It also comes in handy at church. When leaving during the song, and shazam, you always walk back in during prayer time!

Howl howl howl

I'm an old screech owl.
I'm confused. The illustration seems to refer to a peaceful "whoo." A good soothing skill for mothers of small children. But the word choice seems to refer to skills I've learned as a mother of teenagers. Hmmm....oh well, I've got them both covered.

Gubble gubble gubble

I'm a mubble in a pubble.
Wonderful, glorious nonsense. I definitely need more of that in my life, don't you?

I can play

I'm anything that's anything.
This is what we've lost. I've lost. The play. In whatever circumstance or place God puts me in, I want to find the play and the joy. I think it's there, even in the dark times.

That's MY way.
Mine, too. I hope. Some day. Thank you little-dark-haired-girl. Thank You, Father.

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