Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hetty & the Queen's English

I've been on a Hetty Wainthropp marathon of late. I'm also a fan of Keeping Up Appearances, Hercule Poirot, and *gasp* even Dr. Who. The differences between the "Queen's English" and American English fascinating! And I can't even begin to understand cockney or a heavy Irish brogue.

I found this fun little time-waster while in Brit withdrawal. I just finished the last episode of Hetty...

Your Score: Hollywood Graduate

Great Britain salutes you for scoring a staggering 48%

It seems you take your lead from Spielberg rather than Shakespeare in matters of language. You're aware of some linguistic differences between the USA and the UK, but probably only because you heard them in a movie starring yet another British villain. If you feel like broadening your horizons, consider reading books which don't come prepackaged with DVD box sets.

Link: The Queen's English Test

I guess I won't be passin' meself off as a subject o' the Queen.

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