Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Favorite Christmas Present

My comfie slippers. My mother made these.

She's gotten so cool since all of us kids have grown up and gotten out of her hair. Now she spins her own wool. She knits her own wool. She felts what she knits. She sews a ton of clothes for grand kids and orphanages. She embroiders. She quilts. She crochets. She needle-tats. She leaps over buildings with a single bound...

Well, not really. But she does give me hope that some day I'll have time to do all these things too. When I have grands. But I'm in NO hurry!

Back to my comfie slippers. My mother knit and felted slippers for the whole extended clan this year. These were not made of her hand spun wool, but carefully chosen variegated wools. Each pair was different. And they all had these cool leather soles.

I love my pair. The sole of the slipper was double-knit so that when felted it feels exactly like walking on foam. Amazing!
And I love the suede soles that go up on the side. Very practical. Since I wear these while walking through crushed cheerios and such.

I have five kids. Give me a break.

I love these slippers! Thanks mom!


JoAnn said...

Those look really cool! I would love to make them but I'd have no idea how. I knit but I'm only a beginner. I had a hard time teaching myself knitting. Crochet was easy...I can crochet just about anything...but I can't knit much at all. Enjoy your slippers.

Beth said...

I too find crochet much easier and FASTER! But once in awhile the knitting bug will hit. Last thing I made was a pair of socks. They were fun! As for felting, mom made the slippers as big as boats! And then in the felting process they shrank to the correct size. Or, at least she held her breath and HOPED they would shrink to the right size! :) Thanks for stopping by!

Katie Gregg said...

Those are so cool. I wish I could so much as thread a needle. :) Your mom sounds oh-so-awesome, too!