Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Svenson Brothers in The Grave Prince

My oldest son loves drama. He is part of a very active drama troupe in his high school. He is also a thespian!

This last weekend the drama department put on a medieval comedy dinner theater. It was a hoot!

My son was one of the four Svenson brothers. And here you can see him third from the left. The one with glasses.

These four brothers have come to court the clumsy Grace. Yes, four brothers, one girl. You see these brothers do everything together. In fact it takes all four of them to complete a sentence.

Alas, the fourth brother can only say one word: Ed. It's handy that this is also his name. Each brother says a word or so and waits on Ed to finish their thought.

And our proudest moment in this play was each time our son slapped poor Ed in the back of the head. The result? In deepest tortured voice..."ED!"

Here's how it went...

our brother...

He is

Where are
the lovely ladies
to be court...

Oh no,
we are never

We believe
that in the end
the best brother
will have triumph...

After this beautiful elocution, Grace comes in and knocks them all out with her mop.

It was a proud moment.

Good job Svenson brothers!

I hope Ed wasn't
brain damage...

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