Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Land of Nod - WFMW

My favorite online store of late is Land of Nod. They carry great toys, books, decorating and storage items.

I admit I haven't purchased anything from them, but they're my choice for window shopping! And I get great ideas for my children's rooms.

I hope you enjoy Land of Nod too!

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Gray Matters said...

I love Land of Nod. I have gotten everything from bedding to toys from them. They have a great selection of wooden toys that last forever. Of course I love them, they are owned by Crate and Barrel!

Life In Progress said...

Oh, I love Land of Nod. I, like you, use it mostly for ideas & less for actual purchases!

Beth said...

Owned by Crate & Barrel? I didn't know that. I just love those little stacked suitcases!