Friday, February 8, 2008

Sliced Pizza, Sinuses, Lost, and Other Random Drivel

Today is pizza-day at our little Christian school. $1 per slice. My children squeek by with 2 pieces each = $4. For $5 I could get them a whole Little Ceaser's pizza. I hope the school is making some kind of profit on this. It's the only way I can make peace with it.

Joseph is home sick today. I'm not sure what ails him other than sinuses. My ASD child clearly is not in touch with his body. He rarely can read the warnings of illness. I sent him to school yesterday with a stuffy nose. They call me at 10 to please come get him. Joseph was white as a sheet and couldn't process what people were saying. It all leaves a mother feeling rather helpless.

I just finished watching Lost: Season 1 on DVD. I know, I know. I'm way behind the times. But we don't have cable or satellite TV...for which I'm truly thankful. I must admit this series is riveting, in an Alfred Hitchcock-slash-Survivor kind of way. I am breathlessly watching my library holds to see when season 2 comes in. What happens to Walt!!! Don't you dare tell me.

Today should be an office day for me, but with Joseph sick I'll try to work at home. I just don't feel comfortable leaving him alone, even though he is a teenager. I'm praying desperately that I actually do get work done and that my newest DVD series, Inspector Morse, will not drag me in.

DVD series can be evil!

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