Friday, February 15, 2008

There and Back Again

Just a little over 24 hours ago, I did something very unusual. I followed a whim.

I traded places with my husband, went with my son to Malone College, spent the night in a hotel watching Lost, and hung out with college kids today.

It was an alternate universe!

I did all the driving in a metro area. Don't laugh! Canton is metro compared to Southern Ohio.

I was alone in a hotel and stayed up late...and did I mention I watched Lost?!? You see, I just currently finished season 1 on DVD. So last night was a huge jump in the story line for me. I have at least one thousand questions, but I loved every minute of it.

I slept in, took a leisurely shower. Ate lunch with college kids...a western omelette the size of tire.

Then we toured the nearest C&MA church, Whipple Heights and saw their awesome facility and programs.

We scrounged around a huge Salvation Army store, blew off our evening play, and ate at Cracker Barrell.

At the Country Store I bought myself a watch with beaded bracelet. I never, never buy myself anything. And never, never, never purchase myself anything on impulse.

After all that fun we decided to come home early and surprise everyone.

Their reaction?

They were mad! Well, frustrated probably is a better description. Because I came home before they could cover their tracks and clean up the horrible mess they'd made in the last 24 hours.

Oh well. Unusual whims sometimes end that way. I don't regret a thing.

I will now return to my predictable life, satisfied with my little fling.

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