Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine Crayons - WFMW

Yesterday, during our snow day, the two littles and I made valentine crayons. I found the idea over at Family Fun.

To do this frugal and fun project you need:
  • two blonde willing helpers, hair color optional

  • heart shaped muffin tins or silicon baking cups, we used the silicon baking cups from Wilson which cost just under $9 and made this project no longer frugal!! But hey, the $9 was worth it for the fun we've had...and we'll re-use them.

  • old, broken, junky crayons, any church basement is a good source for these if you don't have your own...just ask first.
Preheat your oven to 250 degrees.

Peel the crayons. This step will help you experience, in a slight way, Chinese Bamboo torture.

Break crayons into 1" or so pieces and fill your muffin cups to slightly overflowing. If you used mini-cups bake for 10 to 15 minutes. We used full-sized cups and it took 30 minutes to melt the crayons. Let cool. Pop out.

While baking these I thought we'd done something wrong. Coming out of the oven my crayons looked like tie-dye gone wrong, not like the Family Fun pic. But this was because I was looking at the bottom of the crayon.

Thankfully when we popped out the cool crayon they looked wonderful!

The next step will be to package these cuties. We will put a card behind them in a treat bag. Optional sayings could be:

  • You color my world!
  • Valentine, you make my heart melt!
  • Happy Valentine's Day, for "crayon" out loud!

We have another snow day today, so we may be trying this valentine idea too!

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GreenStyleMom said...

I love it! I'm going to keep that in mind for next V-Day!

KarenW said...

What a fun Valentine treat!

jennwa said...

My kids have gotten thses crayons and they love them

Audrey said...

My kids are older now but what an absolutely wonderful idea. They came out really nice.

randi said...

What a neat idea! We have tons of old crayons that we could use for this. Fun stuff!

Angie said...

I was just telling my husband that we needed to do these types of crayons about two or three days ago when we were looking at our big tub of crayons.

I'll definitely have to try it!

Cordelia said...

Can you still use the silicone muffin cups for food, now that you've had non-edible stuff in them?

Beth said...

I would say do what you're comfortable with. Crayons are nontoxic. With very hot water and soap my set washed clean. So I will be using them for baking. But that's my personal comfort zone. Maybe not someone else's.