Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Snow Day

Ah, the warm cozy feeling of a snow day. I love it! The kids are all home. The two littles are out frolicking in the back yard. And I'm contemplating what this day might hold.

Valentine crafts with Jodan and Else Annah.

A crockpot of taco meat.

Felted slippers.

An Inspector Morse episode.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I was up past midnight in hopes of a snow day. My husband and older boys were finishing Lost season 1. It was riveting again.

My hope was not in vain. I...am...so...relieved.

I don't function well on little sleep...oh, and Lost season 2 is in transit. Yippee!

Thank you to all who visited me during the Big Bloggy Move. That was so fun!


Leigh said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. That was so kind of you to stop in and say hello. You are welcoem over anytime! Have a great snow day!

Stacey Moore said...

We are having a snow day as well here in Kentucky today!! We received the largest snowfall in 3 years!! (about 5 inches with ice on top!) my husband and i are teachers so we love snow days as much as the kids do!!

Mrs. Jules said...

Thanks for your sweet comments yesterday. This taco meat recipe sounds wonderful. I haven't pulled out my crockpot in awhile...this would be a great excuse to do so!